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About US


ATWAAR DECORATION DESIGN L.L.C is a contracting company that provides diverse services in the different fields of engineering. It was established in 2018 in Dubai, and has done a big number of designs, fit-out, maintenance and landscaping projects across the UAE. The diverse team consists of civil and architectural engineers, interior designers, landscaping experts and technicians, to cover all aspects of customers needs.


Understanding the customers’ wants and needs to upgrade people’s living standards using creative solutions and smart technologies.


To be the most customer-centric company, offering engineering comprehensive service packages and fulfilling clients’ desires.


Our company’s strategy is focused on value-engineered designs and build up. People all throughout the world want corporations to be environmentally sensitive, if not eco-warriors. This is why we design sustainable and green interiors, allow natural light to stream in, build modular and flexible solutions, use recycled green materials, and promote Low-E fixtures like LED lighting and sensor-based equipment.

Internal environments that encourage improved teamwork, agility, creativity, innovation, and productivity are desired by business leaders. They are concerned about the health and wellbeing of their employees, which is a key priority of millennial.

Whether it’s an activity-based matrix, co-working, or virtual teams, our workspace designs reflect current office architectural trends. To fulfill these demands, we create meeting pods, silent zones, collaboration zones, hot-desks, gaming zones, and social cafes.



Honesty and strong moral principles guide us


Originality and intuition


A consistent desire to transform good to great


Together we can achieve anything